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How SastoDeal works



What is Sasto Deal?


At Sasto Deal, we offer our members sensational discounts on all the best goods, services, and experiences while helping great businesses reach thousands of new customers. Simply put, Sasto Deal is your #1 source for the best deals in Nepal.

Is my information SAFE?


Absolutely! We DO NOT sell your personal information to any third parties, including merchants from whom you have purchased a deal. Not even our mothers can see your information! Additionally, while purchasing online, we redirect you to your respective banks and payment gateways so that your information is kept secure and private.

Do I need to register to purchase a deal?


Anyone can see the deals; however, a quick registration process is required at the time of the purchase. All we ask is for your name, email address and your phone number to register at Sasto Deal.

Do I need to subscribe?


Subscription is NOT mandatory. However, when you subscribe, we will email you on our latest deals so that you do not have to check our website every time. We will NOT bombard you with emails and you can always choose to unsubscribe.

Who are you guys?


We are Captain America! No kidding! Please see our “Team” page for our introductions.

How it works:

I like the deal. How do I get it?


You can either purchase it for yourself or gift it to someone else BEFORE the offer ends (expiration date). Either way, you have several options to make the payment:

Online: We highly recommend you to use our online services. You can either choose your respective banks or other payment gateways such as E-Sewa to make payments. It is easy, fast and secure.

Vouchers: You may wish to grab a voucher and pay the amount directly to the merchant. Your voucher is what validates the deal. 

Do you deliver products?


Sometimes we do. Please check the fine print for details on each deals. 



Do I have to use the coupon the same day of purchase?


No! Each of our deals has an "expiration date.” You may use the coupon before the expiration date. Please check the “finer details” or your coupon to confirm the dates.


Do I have to use the full amount of the coupon all at once?


Yes! Once you decide to use the coupon, please make sure that you have used the full amount. You cannot use the left over amount to use it for the second time.


What happens when my bill amount at the merchant exceeds the voucher amount?


If that happens, please pay the remaining amount directly to the merchant.


What happens if I arrive at the merchant’s place after the expiration date?


You may wish to try your luck but it is totally up to the merchant to decide whether or not to provide you the deal. .


I got the coupon and the code. What do I do now?


Simply present the coupon or the code to the merchant. It will take them less than a minute to validate the coupon/code. 


Do I have to take the coupon along with me?


No! The code and your ID is all the merchant's need to activate the deal.


Can I get a refund?


Although, we do not make refunds on purchases, we highly suggest you to contact us within 12 hours of your purchase to see if something can be worked out. We value your business and we promise to try our best to ensure your money is not wasted.

Certain deals have a limitation number. What is it?


Some merchants require us to have a certain limit for their deals. When a deal reaches its limit, it is no longer available. If you find yourself in a position that most of your friends bought the deal and you could not because of the limitation, please contact us and we will try to make it available for you.

For Merchants:.

Can I suggest a deal?


We would be glad if you did that. You can email us at info[at] or submit the information at our website on “Suggest a deal” section. We promise to contact the merchant and try to get you the deals that you suggested.

How can I feature my business on Sasto Deal?


We have an entire section just for you! Please fill out the necessary information and we will contact you. Also, you can email us with your information.


I am an individual seller? Can I feature my business as well?


Yes! Our goal is to promote local businesses in Nepal. We would love to hear from you. However, we only feature products and services that meet certain standards.


What happens when customers arrive at our place with Sasto Deal’s coupon/code?


Customers may choose to present you with the coupon or the code. Either way, you need to:


- Check to see if the code matches with the one we provided you.

- Check to see if the code has not already been used.

- Educate your staff on our partnership.

I’m still confused!


We love emailing and talking to our customers.


If you have a question we haven't answered above or just want to leave a comment, we typically answer e-mails within 12-24 hours of receiving them.


Email us at info[at] or at business[at]


You can also call us on our cell phones or email us at our personal ID’s listed on the "Team" page.

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