Damage Baltra Sensible plus Electric 2 Burner Infrared Cooker BIC 126

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Features :

  • The heating temperature of the infrared cooker reaches up to 700 degrees, and it takes a quite long time to cool the panel after use.
  • Induction Protection mat can be discolored due to high heating temperature
  • Tempered glass: 650*360mm
  • Infrared 2000 +2000 watt cooktop comes with high thermal efficiency which reduces the cooking time.
  • Touch button operation & Nob for increase or decrease the power and timer.
  • Digital display for easy cooking control and Automatic power off feature
  • Adjustable power control as per the cooking needs
  • It's a great energy saver and radiation free Induction cooker
  • High Thermal Efficiency; It has shock proof body
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