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Bpi Sports Zinc - 50 mg, 4 month supply, 120 Tablets, One a day, Immune Support Booster Zinc Gluconate

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Zinc 50 mg 4 month supply 120 Tablets one a day Immune Support Booster Zinc Gluconate
Boost Performance
Faster Recovery
Lean Muscle
Burn Fat For Energy
Zinc is a trace mineral that the body needs to protect itself, and its immune system, from harmful damage.
Zinc is not excessively stored in the body, so it is important to get your required daily dosage through
diet and supplementation.
There has been evidence that zinc can help lessen the symptoms of the common cold, improve brain function,
and protect cells from harmful damage.*
Fight The Common Cold: For years, people have been studying zinc’s ability to support the immune system and to help lessen the symptoms
and duration of the common cold.*
A Natural Healer: Zinc is known as being a “natural healer” because of its ability to help repair damaged cells and tissues.
Zinc plays an integral role in cellular growth and protection.*
Heart Health: Zinc may improve cardiovascular health by stabilizing blood sugar levels and helping with inflammation.*
Eye Health & Brain Function: Zinc my help support, and improve, eye health and brain function.*
Zinc can play a major role in keeping the body healthy and functioning probably but its most talked about trait is
its ability to reduce the symptoms and length of the common cold.
Zinc is a trace mineral that helps to repair and protect damaged cells and tissue. By healing these cells, you can
fight off the common cold and get back to your normal activities.
You can also take Zinc to help protect against other diseases and to help improve cardiovascular health, eye health,
and cognitive function.*


Brand BPI Sports
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