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Coffee Itierra Brazil 1kg

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      ITIERRA BRAZIL BEANS 1KG is a superior blend of two super-selected coffee types: Lambari, a natural Arabica that produces a smooth body and a mellow texture and the Cereja Apasita, Arabica cherries harvested when only slightly over-ripe, enriching the cup with the aroma of honey, fresh biscuit and milk chocolate. A velvety, sweet espresso with an intense body and hints of caramel and hazelnuts.

      • Composition: 100% Natural Arabica
      • Origin: Brazil – Lambari and Carmo do Paranaiba, Minas Gerais
      • Tasting Notes: Notes of caramel, hazelnuts, honey and milk chocolate
      • Packaging: 1kg bag | 6kg per case


      Type Of Product Itierra Brazil
      Nutritional Facts High in antioxidants
      Storing Recommendation Store at a room temperature of 70°F
      Warranty No Warranty
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