Business Adventures (English, Paperback, Brooks John)

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Business Adventures is a classic business book written by John Brooks.

Summary of the Book

Each famous company stands as an example of how an iconic business is defined by a specific moment of fame or notoriety throughout history. These fascinating accounts are as relevant even today, to comprehend the minutiae of corporate life. Tales about Wall Street are imbued with drama and adventure, and disclose the intrigues and the unstable nature of the world of finance. The author’s shrewd analysis is full of personality and critical detail, which makes readers get the sense that history really does repeat itself. This New York Times bestseller offers an astute and enlightening look into the world of business. Business Adventures has also been cited as Bill Gates’s favourite business book.

About John Brooks

John Brooks was an American writer who contributed to The New Yorker magazine for a long time, specializing in financial topics. He was also associated with TimeHarper’s Magazine and The New York Times Book Review. Some of the other titles authored by Brooks are: The Big Wheel, The Go-Go Years, Once in Golconda: A True Drama of Wall Street, and The Takeover Game.

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