Pride & Prejudice (PREMIUM PAPERBACK, PENGUIN INDIA) (English, Paperback, Fitzgerald F Scott)

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SWOONWORTHY ROMANCE MEETS RIVETING SATIRE IN THIS TIMELESS CLASSIC He is all pride, and she prejudiced. When Mr Darcy arrives at the quiet town of Hertfordshire, everyone is excited. So what if he's a bit of a snob, or despises all things social? He, like his best friend Mr Bingley, is an ideal bachelor with a magnificent estate. But there's one person who absolutely detests him. Vivacious and witty, Elizabeth Bennet would like nothing to do with the arrogant Mr Darcy-but fate has other plans. When Mr Bingley starts courting her sister Jane, Elizabeth is forced to cross paths with Darcy again and again. As the two of them spend time in each other's company, Darcy can't help falling for Elizabeth's wit and charm, while she's forced to reconsider her own feelings for him. But the two of them are still worlds apart-he's a rich aristocrat while she hails from an economically weaker family. Will they be able to set aside their differences? Or will the two of them risk losing a chance at true love and happiness? A charming comedy of manners, Pride and Prejudice is a stunning battle of the sexes that is equal parts entertaining and astute.

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