Wuthering Heights (PREMIUM PAPERBACK, PENGUIN INDIA) (English, Paperback, Bronte Emily)

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A HAUNTING TALE OF DARK LONGINGS AND TRAGIC LOVE Bitter, brooding, and cynical-Heathcliff resides at 'Wuthering Heights', a run-down estate on the bleak Yorkshire moors. But he wasn't always like this. Youthful and wild, once upon a time, Heathcliff had been in love with the singularly charming Catherine Earnshaw. They'd grown up together-he, a lowly gypsy foundling adopted by Catherine's father, and she, a proper lady, born in a family of repute. Their romance was doomed from the start. And yet, they fell in love-an epic, all-consuming love that threatened to devour them whole. But Heathcliff wasn't alone in his affections, for Catherine had caught the eye of another man: Edgar Lipton, a rich and well-bred youth, who, everyone agreed, was a perfect match for her. Trapped by societal expectations, Catherine made a choice that triggered a tempestuous series of events, changing their lives forever. Astonishingly poetic and heart-achingly tragic, Wuthering Heights is a gothic masterpiece that will immerse you in a world that is both beautiful and nightmarish.

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