Dranex Drain Cleaner Heavy Duty-375gm

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      • Kiwi Mr Muscle Dranex heavy duty drain cleaner effectively cleans blockage in the pipes of washbasins and sinks
      • It melts grease and hair without affecting pipes or septic tanks
      • Can be used in Kitchen sink, wash basin and tub

      Dranex drain cleaner effectively cleans blockage of the pipes of washbasins and sinks. Frequently chopped food particles gets jammed and clogged in the entrance of the pipes and produces wreckage that effects the regular flow of water resulting in foul smell, but kiwi kleendrainex drain cleaner removes the blockage very easily without costing much of your time. The washbasins of house are of regular use, and often many dirt particles like hairs and residue of food particles blocks the exhaust pipes.


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