Sastodeal brings to you an exclusive range of quality products at fair prices from Flipkart. Take a look at products, including TVs, Coolers, Bedsheets, micro USB chargers and cables that are designed to last, here.

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All Flipkart SmartBuy products are designed to last. From high-speed charging cables that are drop- and -break-proof to tangle-free cables that are weather- and -overload proof, Flipkart SmartBuy products are designed to withstand extreme conditions and are available at astonishing prices that you will love, now in Nepal exclusively at These products on Sastodeal promise best-in-class features, assures quality, and fair prices which you will love so that you get the best value for your money, and superior experience, every product you buy.


Features You Value

Our endeavor is to always put customers first, which is why each product feature has been selected after extensive research, consumer feedback and industry inputs to offer you exactly what you value. Your needs are our first priority. 


Quality You Can Trust

Every Flipkart SmartBuy product is made in collaboration with reputed global partners and tested thoroughly to pass stringent quality guidelines and industry standards so that you can trust its safety, durability and reliability. 

We believe there are no shortcuts to outstanding quality.


Prices You Will Love

We have painstakingly optimized cost at each step from sourcing to packaging without compromising on quality to get the best possible prices to you. For instance, our packaging while being reliable and sturdy uses smart design to reduce unnecessary elements and overall product cost.  

We want you to pay for only what matters.