Q: Is there Cart value criteria? If yes, what is the minimum cart value?

  • Yes, the minimum cart value is Rs. 500.

Q: How do i get Free Delivery on my products?

  • Once your cart value reaches Rs 1000 or above, Free Delivery is automatically applied to your Cart.

Q: How do i get SmartCell SIMCard for Free?

  • Apply code Smartcell on checkout and the SIM card will be automatically added to your cart however, all documents should be ready before we make the delivery. Essential Documents include: Photocopy of Citizenship/ Passport | Granfather's Name | PP size photos . 

Q: What do i get with the SIMCard?

  • Currently with the SIMcard you get Rs 90 running balance | 200 mb FREE datapack | 10 FREE SMS to all network | 10 mins FREE talktime to all network

Q: How do i activate my SIMCard?

  • Once you've handed your documents as per requirements, you can miss-call at any number to activate the Simcard.

Q: Do your delivery riders do door to door delivery? 

  • No, we do not do door step delivery. Since, we will be using Vans for our deliveries. It is not feasible for our delivery riders to do door step delivery. Customers will have to come and pickup from a suitable location .Delivery rider will not be entering customer premises 

Q. How many delivery attempts do you make? 

  • We only make one delivery attempt. If the delivery is not successful in one attempt, we will be cancelling the order and inform customer accordingly. 

Q.  How many days will it take for my order to be delivered? 

  • Products will be delivered next day

Q. Do you deliver product outside valley too? 

  • No, we are covering inside valley location only for now. 

Q. What safety measures have you taken for the delivery? 

  • We have given utmost priority for safety of our customers and delivery riders. 

-Training to our delivery riders on personal hygiene by expert medical professional 
-Personal hand sanitizer, Mask, eye protection, and gloves Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) suit for our delivery riders 
-Personal disinfectant spray for cash and products 
-Full-body disinfectant spraying and vehicle spraying. 


Q. What is the delivery time? 

  • The delivery time is from 9am to 6 pm 

Q. What is the delivery charges for the heavy goods? 

  • The delivery charges depends on the weight and the location. 

Q. Do we have return for the FMCG products? 

  • No, we don’t have returns for FMCG Product. In case any FMCG product is expired we take it back within a specified time of expiring to claim it. 

Q. Mode of payment 

  •  Currently we have COD, Scan Pay and E-sewa option available for prepayment. 

Q. Mode of payment 

  •  Currently we have COD, Scan Pay and E-sewa option available for prepayment. 

Q. How does NIC ASIA cashback offer work? 

  • Campaign duration: 6th May to 12th May
  • Cashback will be provided within 15 days of campaign is over on customer account by bank
  • Cashback 10% upto Rs.500

Q.  Do manufacture and expiry date mention on the package? 

  • Yes, the expiry date is mentioned in all the FMCG and health care products.

Q. How do I claim warranty?

  • Warranty claim received during COVID-19 lock down period will be addressed post lock down only.

Q. If my item is accidently damaged, will this be covered under warranty?

  • The warranty does not cover damage caused by improper care, misuse, accident or neglect

Q. Is change of mind accepted?

  • No, we do not accept change of mind for the covid essential products.