Workers Day

Feed the Daily-Wagers. Support by donating Rice

5 KG Rice to feed the family of 5 members for up to a week

We're accepting donations till Sunday 12:00 p.m, May 3, 2020

How to contribute:


1. Add the product below to your cart & checkout.

2. In details page, insert your name. Please keep street Address as: WHR Office | State/ Province: No.3 | District: Kathmandu | Region: Budhanilkantha

3. Apply code: happylaborday for free shipping.

4. Select “E-sewa” as payment option & complete payment.

5. Sastodeal will deliver 5 KG Gyan Basmati Rice to WHR office the same day

6. We will notify you via email and our posts about your contribution.


Thank you. Our NGO partner, WHR is feeding cooked meals to over 1200 daily-wagers daily.

Your contribution will help a family of 5 members for up to a week.

One Act of Goodwill can Spark another. 

Starting with a Purpose: 

Since the announcement of lockdown, WHR started feeding cooked meals to daily-wagers, elderly and children and those without food and support. They initially had started feeding 400 people but now they are feeding 1200+ people cooked meals daily.

An act of Goodwill:    

Narendra dai who lost one of his arms during armed-conflict is cooking meals to be served for thousands of people in the evening at WHR (daily wagers and those starving).

An enthralling milestone at a beautiful day: 

1000+ meals served at WHR on Mother’s day. Among the people were many mothers and their starving children. Couldn't have asked for a better way to celebrate Mother's day.

Going Strong

April 25: WHR have until now served over 10,000 meals to daily-wage earners, elderly, and those in need. And still continuing.


On the occastion of Labor day, you can support the initiative taken by Sastodeal and WHR by donating 5 KG Rice. Your cost: Rs.572 will feed a family of 5 members for up to a week.

Donate 5 KG Rice today!