Himalaya Baby Care Monthly Bundle 5 Soap and others [C05]

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All your essential baby care products in one bundle to cater your child's health
Less chances for your baby’s getting any irritation or allergy from using these product

100% safe for newborn babies
Himalaya baby care has natural ingredients which helps to develop baby’s skin
Clinically proven and tested; recommended by health experts

1. Baby Soap 125gm

Himalaya baby care baby soap is especially designed to protect your baby skin softness.prevents dryness .Helps your baby skin healthy, soft and clean

2. Baby Shampoo 100ml

Are your baby crying while shampooing hair. Himalaya baby shampoo totally cares of your baby no-tears formula does not cause irritation to baby s eyes. Helps to keeps your scalp cool and dry which helps your baby hair to grow strong and healthy also Nourishes and softens hair

3. Baby Massage Oil 100ml

Himalaya baby massage oil Improve your little one's general growth and development. strengthen your baby's nails and softening cuticles. Also prevent skin dryness

4. Baby Lotion 200Ml

Babies have always been known for having the softest skin .keep this natural beauty well guarded by using Himalaya Baby Lotion. Perfected to keep your baby's skin nourished t his lotion will ensure to soften your baby's skin and keep it healthy so your baby enjoys a long day with no skin damage at all. Use this lotion as massage to baby's body it helps your baby bone in development .no dryness and rough patches.

5. Baby Powder 200gma

your baby has itchiness ? or body odour ? You raise your baby with utmost care and concern. Himalaya Baby Powder is organic and is safe for your baby's skin. Suitable for both boys and girls, this talcum powder will protect your baby's skin from excess sweating, itchiness controls body odour . so your little one can now sweat it all out in the game yet stay fresh by using this body talcum powder from Himalaya


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