Himstar Food Processor HK1001FPD

was Rs 12,990 Special Price Rs 11,431
Extra Strong Motor : 100% Copper Motors have been designed to give maximum performance with all types of food. The special motor design help the motor dissipate heat more effectively thus ensuring longevity of product.
Overheat Protection : 100% JMG have overheat safety function. This safety function helps prevent product failure due to high temperatures in the motors. Once the motors are sufficiently cooled normal operation will resume.
Better Hygiene : Use of food grade stainless steel or Glass for jars ensures that better hygiene is maintained. As your health is of our prime concern, we have made no compromise and use only the best.
Multi Options : Variety of jars allow the JMG to be used for a wide range of applications in the kitchen. These are to make your work in the Kitchen easier and cooking an enjoyable time for you.
Multiple Blades : Various blades allow you to work thru your kitchen time effortlessly. Weather its preparing french fries to mincing meat or kneading dough for the rotis, Himstar food processor will do it all for you.

Designed to win hearts : Himstar JMG are designed to win hearts. Your kitchen experience will no longer be mundane and colorless. Its not only your cooking that will be tasty, your Himstar JMG are tastefully designed and come in variety of colors
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