Local Neon Pothos

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      Plant care


      Pothos thrives well in bright indirect Light. Direct sunlight can scorch their leaves.


      Follow Drying out in between watering. Excess water can be detrimental.


      The Soil need to be fertile and well drained where there is no water logging. Fertile soil rich in humus can be prepared.


      Pothos aren't heavy feeders, but since there are no nutrients in most potting Soils, feed monthly to bi-monthly with any balanced houseplant Fertilizer.

      A perfect houseplant for beginners, pothos is one of the easiest you can grow  & one of the most popular. This hardy indoor plant features dark green leaves splashed and marbled in shades of yellow, cream, or white. Pothos is wonderfully versatile in the home: You can grow it in hanging baskets to trail down, let it climb a totem or trellis, or grow horizontally along a tabletop.


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