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Jet Hand Dryer 1850W

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      1850W high-power motor, strong wind speed of 90m/s, strong power, dry hands quickly in 5-7 seconds. The upper and lower two groups of high-spirit sensitive devices are distributed in three dimensions, covering the entire dry hand area, only for the hand, standing when the hand is stretched, and closing the hand is closed. Intelligent temperature control system, adjustable hot and cold air. When the room temperature is lower than 25°C, warm air will be output automatically. Made from high-crystal ABS, it is the best selection of raw materials. ABS sound insulation shell, effectively isolate motor noise and internal wind noise. It has good high rigidity, corrosion resistance, electrical insulation performance, heat resistance, rigidity, and is not easy to scratch! Overload , overcurrent, low voltage, high voltage protection and 25 seconds timeout protections are installed in the system for safe and reliable operation. IPX4 water proof, the electric hand dryer is designed to fit in damp bathrooms. Lower energy consumption than old models and no using paper towels any more, which will save more money, be more environmentally friendly, and make a busy bathroom more effective. Extremely hygienic as you don't need to touch it. You only need to put your hands under our hand dryer after washing hands and the warm wind will quickly dry your hands. You don't need to touch any buttons that ensure the hygienic at the greatest extent. This quiet hand dryer is perfect for bathrooms of hotels, restaurants, hospitals, medical centers, airports, malls, office buildings, etc. Lightweight unit to be easily install and maintain. Our hand dryer is light enough to go on any wall. Installation method Unscrew the safety screw at the bottom and remove the mounting plate. Mark the punching position Make a hole with a drill and drive into the expansion tube. Fix the mounting plate Align the hole position and hang the fuselage Screw back the bottom screw and the installation is complete. Rated voltage: 220V Rated power: 1850W Wind speed: 90m/s Motor: Series motor Shell material: ABS Waterproof level: IPX4 Weight: 8.5kg(approximately) Size: 30cm*20.2cm*68.5cm(approximately) Code: Smart JHD


      Brand Generic
      Color White
      Usuability Hand dryer
      Suitable For Bathroom
      Inner Material Series Motor
      Genetically Modified No
      Backup Time 1 Hour & Above
      Build Material ABS
      Warranty No Warranty
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