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FAQs Flipkart:


What is Flipkart store?

Flipkart store is a cross-border vertical for the partnership between Sastodeal and Flipkart which enables you to shop from over 8000+ Flipkart products through Sastodeal’s website.

How long does it take for me to get my item if i order?

Ordering any private label flipkart brands like MarQ by Flipkart and Flipkart Smart Buy will make you eligible for 1-2 days delivery time whereas ordering through Flipkart store entails a minimum of 28 days delivery time due to it being cross border commerce.


Can i order from Flipkart Website and get the items from Sastodeal?

No, only Flipkart products enabled through Sastodeal’s platform will be eligible for delivery from Sastodeal.

How can i order?

It’s super easy, just add any products that you like in the cart like you normally do and simply checkout with your details. You’ll receive a confirmation call for your order and your delivery will be scheduled accordingly.


Where do i claim warranty for Flipkart products?

If you run into any issues regarding the products, you can contact Sastodeal for the warranty process.