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Naturo Earth Moringa Tea Leaf Bags – 40 Tea Bags

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      About Product :

      • Immunity Booster
      • Herbal Dietary Supplement
      • 100% Pure & Natural
      • 100% Vegetarian
      • Nutrient Rich
      • Light & Refreshing
      • Premium Superfood
      • Zero Additives

      Product Details :

      Moringa Tea is made from naturally-dried Moringa leaves, which have exceptional nutritional profile, anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties, and tons of health benefits. This “superfood” has long been used as Traditional Ayurvedic Medicine, for treatment of various health ailments. The Tea Bags contains finest quality Moringa leaves that are hermitically sealed in oxygen-free pouch.

      BENEFITS :

      • Reduces Fatigue
      • Eases Inflammation
      • Boosts Immunity System
      • Helps Gain Muscle Mass
      • Provides Relief from Constipation
      • Improves Digestion
      • Maintains Blood Sugar Levels
      • Balances Hormones
      • Aids in Stress Management
      • Improves Vision
      • Fights Infections and Heals Would
      • Stimulates Hair Growth


      Moringa Tea Leaf Bags can be used to make healthy hot tea and healthy iced tea.

      Healthy Hot Tea

      • Pour hot water in a cup with Moringa Tea bag and let it infuse for 2-5 minutes.
      • Add honey, lemon or salt as per your preference.

      Healthy Iced Tea

      • For refreshing and healthy iced tea, add ice, lemon, honey, ginger, chamomile leaves or few mint leaves and serve chilled


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