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ON Gold Standard Casein Chocolate Flavour 2 lbs

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      • Servings: 26 Servings
      • Weight:909gm ( 2lbs)
      • Flavour : Chocolate
      • Nearly 73% Protein by Weight (24 g Protein per 33 g Serving Size)
      • 24 grams of Slow-Digesting Micellar Casein per Serving
      • Nearly 5 Grams of Naturally Occurring BCAAs (Leucine, Isoleucine, and Valine) per Serving
      • Nearly 5 Grams of Naturally Occurring Glutamine & Glutamic Acid in Every Scoop

      Rapid protein use is desirable immediately before and after exercise to help refuel recovering muscles but delayed digestion and absorption may be more beneficial at other times-including bedtime when your body typically goes for hours without food. Casein proteins are acid sensitive and tend to thicken in the stomach. Because of this it can take more than twice as long for our Gold Standard 100% Casein to be broken down into its amino acid subcomponents than other proteins. By blending premium micellar and calcium caseins we've created a protein formula that's truly time-released. Typical Amino Acid Profile (Miligrams Per Serving): Essential Amino Acids (EAAs):Tryptophan 292 Valine 1609 Threonine 1039 Isoleucine 1312 Leucine 2129 Lysine 1822 Phenylalanine 1144 Methionine 644. Conditionally Essential Amino Acids (CAAs): Arginine 866 Cystine 79 Tyrosine 846 Histidine 688 Proline 2421


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