Pet Nail Scissor

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      Shipping from: Kathmandu

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      Spring nail scissors for cats, dogs, birds, rabbits etc.
      Innovative round head design, no damage to the animals
      Handle made of Plastic material, comfortable to hold
      High elastic spring, easy to use
      Ideal for cutting pet nails and claws

      Hardened stainless steel teeth Sharp blade for quick cutting

      Material: stainless steel head, plastic handle For:cats,dogs or other small or medium pets with claws


      1.don't cut too much to avoid hurting your pet

      2.clip your pet't nail around about every 10 days

      3.keep it away from your pet or your kids

      Note: Size(L*W):12.50*8.50cm/4.92"­*3.35"


      Brand Generic
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