Samsung Top Mount Refrigerator RT49K6338BS/TL

As low as Rs. -
  • 478 L : Good for large families
  • Digital Inverter Compressor : Consumes lower electricity in comparison to a Normal compressor
  • 2 Star : For Energy savings up to 20%
  • Frost Free : Auto fridge defrost to stop ice-build up


Product Description

Twin Cooling Plus

You can make sure that your food stays fresh for a long time with the Twin Cooling Plus feature. It ensures that your food is stored in optimal conditions by keeping a humidity level of up to 70% in the fridge. This way, your perishables will stay moist, fresh, and fit for consumption for a long time. This reduces food wastage.

Movable Ice Maker

With a simple twist of the Movable Ice Maker, you can get large quantities of ice for chilled drinks. And, when there’s no need for ice, you can remove the Movable Ice Maker and enjoy more storage space for your necessities.

Cool Pack

The Cool Pack in the freezer ensures that your food stays frozen below 0°C for up to 12 hours (during power cuts) so that nothing goes to waste.

Easy Slide Shelf

The Easy Slide Shelf is built on rolling hinges that make it easy for you to roll it in and out. This way, you can easily organize your food supply, access everything you need, and so on. You can also easily reach the items stored in the corners or at the back of the appliance as well.


This refrigerator comes with an in-built natural fibre Deodorising Filter that can eliminate pungent and strong smells in the appliance by continuously passing air through the activated carbon filters. This way, the natural aroma and flavour of your food stay intact.

Power Freeze

The Power Freeze feature blasts cold air into the freezer so that your frozen food stays frozen and firm. It also helps make ice faster.

Power Cool

The Power Cool feature blows cold air into the fridge so that your beverages and food items are quickly and efficiently cooled.

Big Bottle Guard

This refrigerator has deep shelves that you can use to store large containers of milk or beverages in the door. This way, your water and beverages will be properly chilled.

All Round Cooling

The All Round Cooling system ensures that proper cooling is provided to every corner and compartment of the appliance. Through the vents, the cooling system circulates cool air so that all your food items stay fresh for long.

Toughened Glass Shelves

The toughened glass shelves can hold heavy pots and pans of food of up to 150 kg without damaging the appliance. This gives you durable use.

LED Light

With the LED lighting, you can locate your food essentials much more easily. You can also enjoy more space and greater savings with this feature.


In the Box: 
  • 1 Refrigerator
  • User Manual and Warranty Card
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