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PUNA 24K Gold Scrub (for All Skin Types) 50g

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Sold By  Puna Cosmetics


  • Exfoliates the dull surface layer of skin.
  • Excellent Anti-aging & Anti-wrinkle formula.
  • Brings out radiating glowing skin.
  • Gives you youthful & glowing appearance.
  • Contains 100% Natural Ingredients
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PUNA, a natural skin care brand, has represented beauty and glamour with quintessential New Zealandish touch. The brand, which advocates safe and gentle natural skin care (derived from natural plant extracts and unique formula), has been developing unique skin care formulations to create “Natural, Healthier and Safer” skin care range to unveil the enchanting beauty of women across the globe, that inspires both inner and outer beauty.

Proteins and Vitamins – Contributes to enrichment and smoothness of human skin.
Natural Antibiotics – Fights the most common bacteria found in skin infections.
Collagen – Prevents the skin from slagging and keeps smooth and tight skin.
Glycolic Acid – Acts as a natural exfoliation.
Antioxidant – Naturalizes the damage and repairs the skin to its natural supple state.
Allantoin – Helps repair and reduce scar tissues.
Hyaluronic Acid – Balances moistures and improves elasticity.

Formulated in environmental – friendly New Zealand exclusively targeted to suit the particular geographical region like Nepal and its neighbouring countries in terms of skin and the climate.
100% Natural Ingredients (Plant extracts, essential oils and Natural minerals)
Carefully selected natural ingredients most of them were traditionally used, tried and tested by Maori (the indigenous people of New Zealand) for centuries in their healing practices called “Rongoa”.
Free of synthetic preservatives and Free of Chemical fragrances.
Free of alcohol based ingredients.
Free of bleaching substances.
Use of latest cutting edge technology to match our products quality second to non in existing market.
Underwent extensive tests and trials to create Safer, Healthier and Skin-friendly skincare range.
Safe and compatible to use by virtually every skin types, safe for long term usage.

24K GOLD SCRUB (with 24K GOLD LEAF and VITAMINE E) – for all skin types.
(Exfoliates dead cells and polluants to reveal radient complexion)
PUNA’s gold scrub is a spa-fresh exfoliating facial cleanser that polishes away make-up, embedded impurities and removes dead cells to reveal glowing skin beneath, gently removes everything that makes the skin dull, tackles clogged pores, exfoliates and renew, levelling the skin soft smooth and luminous. With anti-pollutants benefits and refines the skin and helps to restore its natural radiance leaving the skin comfortable and ultimately refreshed.

- Contains 50 grams.
- 100% natural ingredients.
- Exfoliates the dull surface layer of skin.
- Excellent Anti-aging & Anti-wrinkle formula.
- Brings out radiating glowing skin.
- Gives you youthful & glowing appearance.

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