Air Cervical Neck Traction Collar Device Neck Head Back Shoulder Pain Relief Stress Relax Improve Spine Alignment

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      • Material: Velour, PVC
      • Lightweight and easy to use. Inflatable Three-tier.
      • Increases blood circulation around the cervical spine, stretches stiff muscles around the neck.
      • Relief from stress and horrible pressure of neck pain,shoulder pain, tension, muscles spasms,head & cervical vertebral area, numbness in the arms caused by a pinched nerve.
      • Keeping your neck in a perfect posture, preventing further neck injury and pain.It can prevent forward-and-down head position!
      • People with high blood pressure
      • People with temporomandibular joint disabilities
      • People with dental disease
      • Neck ligament rupture and cervical spine fracture patients
      • Heart disease, brain hemorrhage patients
      • It prohibits minors use
      • Use a mirror as a reference.Place Neck traction unit around your neck, adjust the circle to appropriate size and fix the nylon strap in the front.
      • Fasten the air-release screw and stop valve before pumping.
      • Adjust the size in the lower part of the circle, and traction angle as comfort dictates.
      • Hand pump until your neck is resting comfortably.
      • When finished using, twisting open the screw to loose the air valve.
      • For initial results, we recommend using the device 2-3 times a day for 20-30 minutes per session.Treatment should occur 2-3 times daily for 10-20 days.
      • Do not sleep with the Neck Traction
      • Suggest releasing the air when you complete the use and avoid contact with hard objects or high-temperature heat.
      • If you feel dizzy or have other abnormal reaction, please try to deflate slowly until the abnormal reaction disappears
      • When dirty, it should be well cleaned by the soft brush with little water, avoiding to soak with water and scrub hard;
      • It is forbidden to use excessively.


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