Zandu Balm 8G

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      How To Use Zandu Balm?
      -A small amount of Zandu Balm should be applied to the affected area. The affected area should be massaged very softly in a circular motion to get the muscles to loosen up.
      -You can apply Zandu Balm 3-4 times a day to get relief.
      -Additionally, you must wash your hands after using Zandu Balm.
      Zandu Balm is No.1 Ayurvedic remedy for headache, body ache and cold. It is 100% safe and no side effects. It has been trusted household solution for pain relief since 100 years. Zandu Balm is made up of Mentha Extract, Gaultheria Fragrantissima Oil and Eucalyptus Globulus Oil. Zandu balm gets absorbed into the skin or the inflamed area and works as a pain reliever. It consists of Ayurvedic ingredients such as Mentha Sp. Satva, Gaultheria Fragrantissima, and Eucalyptus Globulus that help to heal the pain. Zandu balm provides relief from various problems such as neck pain, arthritis, cold and flu.

      Health Benefits of Zandu Balm
      -Zandu Balm is one of the best pain relief remedies available. It helps to relax the
       body and even cures a common cold.
      -Natural Pain Reliever
      -It is a natural pain reliever which acts quickly to provide instant comfort from body
      -Treats Cold and Flu
      -Zandu balm is helpful during cold and flu. It helps ease runny, blocked nose and -
       headache as well.
      -Relief From Neck Pain
      -It helps to provide relief from neck pain, which is caused due to cervical

      Uses Of Zandu Balm:
      -Zandu Balm helps in healing any swelling in the body. it cools the affected area,
       giving it considerable relief.
      -Zandu Balm is an excellent painkiller. It relieves pain from your head, shoulders
       and back as well.
      -Muscle Relaxant
      -Zandu Balm can be used as a muscle relaxant, to give the stretched muscles quick

      Safety Information:
      -Zandu Balm should be used for external uses only.
      -It should not be consumed by mouth. Always wash your hands after applying it, to avoid taking it in your system.
      -Avoid getting it in your eyes and nose.
      -In case of any lacerations of your skin, do not get Zandu Balm in touch with that
       are it might cause irritation."
      -There are no harmful interactions with Zandu Balm. It should be used for external uses only.
      -Zandu balm should not be used in excess as this may induce a burning sensation.
      -It must not be applied on or near eyes, sensitive areas, cuts and irritated skin, and


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