Safe Photocatalytic Mosquito Killer Lamp LED Light Non-Toxic UV Insect Trap USB LED Bug Anti Mosquito Killer

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      • ★Features: 1.Ideal for children and pet supplies. Our electronic mosquito traps are 100% safe for humans and pets because they do not contain any chemicals, are non-toxic and non-radiative. 2.No noise, no smell. 3.Easy to use. This practical mosquito trap is easy to use and can be connected to any device that has a USB port or a regular adapter (not included with this product). At the same time, the UV mosquito lamp is equipped with a light sensor, which can be turned off during the day or night according to your preference. 4.Easy to clean. Say goodbye to unhygienic products that cannot be cleaned properly! This state-of-the-art mosquito remover features a snap-on design that can be easily removed and cleaned regularly. 5.Portable design. This mosquito-type sprayer is designed to be practical and compact, so you can carry it with you! The simple shape and the range of 20-40 meters make it more portable!
      • ★How to use: 1.Before going to bed, remember to turn on your mosquito killer at least 3 hours in advance. Place the mosquito killer in a dark area. 2.When you are not at home, mosquitoes prefer to stay in wet or dark places (such as bathrooms, kitchens, utility rooms, etc.). The usb mosquito killer will be more effective in these places. 3.After catching the mosquito, please do not unplug the power immediately, let the fan continue to run until the mosquito is dehydrated and dry, and the product uses physical mosquito killing method. 4.The first use time is more than 48 hours. Turn off other sources when mosquito killing and make sure the mosquito is the only source. Place it one meter above the ground.
      • ★Description: Product name: Photocatalytic mosquito killer lamp Product power supply: DV 5V-1A Rated power: 5W Rated voltage: 220V110~220V
      • ★Package include: 1 x Mosquito Killer Lamp 1 x Usb Cable


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