Soapberry/Rittha Dana 200g

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      Reetha is the Hindi name of the fruit of the soap nut tree. The soap nut tree is a member of thegenus, belonging to the Lychee family,. The trees are native to countries with a warm, temperate to tropical climate and are commonly found in India. The word "" is derived from two Latin words, namely, "" meaning "soap" and "" meaning India.

      Called by different names, including Indian soapberry and washing nuts, reetha or aritha contains saponins which are natural surfactants. This is why soap nuts can be used for cleaning anything.While you can use reetha for washing practically anything, its most popular use is for washing hair. It is a common ingredient in most Ayurvedic and herbal shampoos sold in India.

      -Soapberries are exactly what they sound like – a berry-like fruit that works as a natural, gentle and effective soap.

      - Soapberries can be used to wash your clothes, your body, and even your dishes and surfaces, without relying on harsh and chemical filled products.

      - The soap nut is small and round in size and may contain one to three seeds.


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