Water Tank Overflow Alarm Siren with Voice Sound, Wired Sensor Security System Water Alarm Over Flow Bell Pack of 1

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      • MADE FOR EVERYBODY - Ideal Tool to Save Water from Overflowing and Getting Wasted. Small and Simple Machine and even Simple procedure to install it, Loud Alarm, prevents damage to roofs and walls from overflowing water, it can be used for municipal water supply or submersible.
      • AUTOMATIC RINGING - bell keeps you alert every time water overflows in your tank. his audio sound is in Hindi and English as well, the tank starts filling up. When the water level reaches to the higher level, As the rising water in the tank touches the wire, the alarm sends an audio signal that alerts you of the overflow
      • BEAUTIFUL AND ECONOMICAL - A beautiful compact design which consumes electricity less than a mobile charger. More saving of money in your pocket. beautiful red led provided to indicate power on
      • HIGH-QUALITY STAINLESS-STEEL SENSORS - High-quality Stainless-Steel sensors included with package for reliable operation, it is free from oxidation. Long life. Any conducting wire can be used for sensor.
      • SILENT FEATURES - Save electricity. Long service Life. Easy install. Sturdy construction. Efficient operation
      • SMART ALARMGet notified whenever your tank is filled with a human voice alarm reminding you to switch the motor off, Alarm With A Sweet Voice That Alerts You Even If You Are Not Near To The Alarm
      • English - Attn. Water Tank Is Full
      • Hindi - Panni Ki Tanki Bhar Gayi Hai ""
      • Indication Through Voice Alarm Output, the alarm is loud enough to be heard from a distance of 40 meters
      • SHOCKPROOF AND SAFE It is crafted to ensure 100 % safety to both the user and the product Since the sensor circuit works on 3V, the device is 100% shockproof.
      • NO NEED OF BATTERIES This water sensor/detector works on AC power supply, no need for batteries. The appliance must be plugged into AC 220 v socket and it is ready to use
      • WORKING PROCEDURE Easy to install and use the alarm has a single pair of sensor wire extended wires A sensor wire is to be placed just below the level of overflow pipe in Over Head Tank When Water in Over Head Tank Raises to the level of sensor wire Voice alarming sound is heard.
      • WIDE USES This Water Level Indicator Can Be Used in Houses, Apartments, Clinics, Hotels, Lodges, Restaurants, Educational Institutions, Hospitals, Factories Hostels Etc


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